In This Moment – Leeds Beckett University

On this the band’s first European headline tour, In This Moment are showing their ambition to take things to the next level, and rightly so. The show comes with the biggest stage set I’ve ever seen in a club show, copious amounts of costume changes from the enigmatic Maria Brink and complete with a cast of heavy metal backing dancers namely “The Blood Girls” who can be seen in many of the band’s music videos.

In This Moment’s set is formed largely from their last two albums. The band rocked their way through tracks like “Sick Like Me,” “Big Bad Wolf” and upcoming single “Sex Metal Barbie” from their latest album Black Widow alongside the fast and furious “Adrenalize,” “Burn,” and “Whore” from the band’s last album Blood.

The evening’s proceedings were slowed down with a beautiful rendition of “Into The Light” from their 2008 album The Dream, Maria Brink sat on a chair atop of a gold stair case bathed in white light. Chris Howarth, Randy Weitzel and Travis Hane took the audience through a superb medley of tracks by some of their influences including Pantera, Metallica and Slayer before drummer Tom Hane took center spotlight for a hard rocking drum solo.

The show is brought to a close with the title track from their last album “Blood.” The band take a bow, before Brink takes a moment to greet the Blood Legion from the stage, shaking hands, handing out flowers before presenting one lucky fan with her “Whore” hat.

When you see In This Moment on the Black Widow tour, it’s not just like any old concert. This is a spectacular rock show which would feel at home in arenas let alone in clubs or theaters. The band are carrying the baton from the likes of Alice Cooper and Kiss to take this genre of live show to the next generation of rock fans, and they are doing an incredible job in the process.

Photos: © Adam Kennedy / Photography by Adam Kennedy, All Rights Reserved.

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